Call for abstracts

The Call for abstracts is open until April 27, 2018. After that, our Scientific Committee will evaluate all submitted abstracts. Your results can either be accepted for an oral presentation or a poster presentation on the Offshore Wind R&D Conference 2018.

Here you find the guideline for the abstract.

Here you find an abstract template.

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Below you can find a wide range of exemplary keywords describing the various topics.


1. Offshore wind turbines & components

KEYWORDS: New technologies, direct drive turbines, vertical axis systems, high-voltage generators, superconducting generators, turbine control systems, predictive control, LiDAR technologies, smart rotor blades, cost reduction, modular concepts, supply chain, load & design, turbines, measurements, large turbines, floating turbines

2. Test facilities & demonstration sites

KEYWORDS: Offshore test sites, component testing, flumes and ocean laboratories

3. Operation and maintenance

KEYWORDS: Corrosion protection, O&M planning and concepts, logistics, vessels for O&M, access solutions, monitoring, performance verification during operation, health and safety, emergency procedures, inspections, big data, life time extension

4. Installation and decommissioning

KEYWORDS: Installation vessels, ROVs, remote robotics, new installation concepts, noise reduction, decommissioning concepts, safe turbine access, emergency concepts

5. Foundations & support structures

KEYWORDS: New foundation concepts, suction bucket, drilled foundation, floating foundation; cost reduction: options and achievements, low-noise foundation options

6. Resource assessment

KEYWORDS: Offshore meteorology, modelling, satellite measurements, mast systems, wakes, inter wind farm wakes, impact of large-scale deployment on microclimate, floating LiDAR, remote sensing

7. Grid connection and integration

KEYWORDS: Wind power forecasting, ancillary services, control of wind power in the electric system, offshore grid infrastructure, HVDC grid, cables, power storage

8. Environmental impact and spatial planning

KEYWORDS: Benthos, fish, marine mammals, birds, bats, landscape, noise impacts, lights, disposals, social acceptance

9. Geology, waves & current measurements

KEYWORDS: Geotechnical and geophysical surveys, scour monitoring, design conditions for turbine and foundation, wave and current measurements