Donata Schoeller has completed her Habilitation this year at the uinversity of Koblenz. It was funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation and by the ETH Zurich. The book which is about to appear is called: Close Talking: Speaking of Backgrounds. In this book she develops an interactive understanding of experience in its relation to language. A thoroughly embodied approach to language emerges in the course of her work, based on hermeneutical, phenomenological and pragmatist perspectives, as well as on the cognitive sciences.

Her research has made her understand the awe-inspiring backgrounds of understanding a word, also of being able to use words, in which vast collective and also individual histories „function“. Besides digging into the embodied complexity of meaning, her book conveys that what we say with words is a tipp of the iceberg of the intricate richness of lived experience. In the course of working on her Habilitation, she has been invited as a visiting scholar to the University of Chicago and also to Columbia Unversity, New York, furthermore as a Visiting Professor to DePaul University.

Besides her Habilitation, she has translated Prof. Eugene Gendlin’s philosophical main work A Process Model into German (together with Christiane Geiser), for which she has also written the first introduction. In the last year, she has edited and published an interdisciplinary book Thinking Thinking (together with Vera Saller) in which key thinkers of embodiment participate. A book on Saying What we Mean, Implicit Precision and The Responsive Order, (edited together with Ed Casey), is about to appear at the Northwestern University Press this year.

Recently, she was asked to be project manager of an international research project launched by the University of Iceland on Embodied Critical Thinking. Donata Schoeller is a trainer in the mindfulness practices of Focusing and Thinking-at-the-Edge, which she also teaches at universities (ETH Zurich, University of Zurich, University of Chicago, DePaul University Chicago, Technion Haifa).

She has been trained in the Elicitation-Method by Prof. Claire Petitmengin and is part of Petitmengin’s Elicitation- Laboratory. Donata Schoeller’s Master-Thesis about Hegel and Meister Eckhart was published, her PhD (summa cum laude) about Meister Eckhart’s and Jakob Boehme’s notion of humility appeared in the second edition. As a hobby she translates the poems of the Benedictine mystic Silja Walter into English (appeared at Ayasofia Press, Chicago last year). She lives in Zurich and has three daughters.

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