Pre-Symposium Workshops & Master Classes


The IASS 2017 committee invites professionals, PhD-candidates and students to participate at Pre-Workshops and Master Classes taking place between September 20th-24th, 2017, at HCU Hamburg (three to five days before the IASS conference).

Workshops and Master Classes will explore the role, design and critical reflection of computational design methods, design tool environments and fabrication techniques with special focus on simulation of complex geometries and structural systems. Master Classes (MC) address specialists and aim at the exchange of knowledge on an advanced level. In Workshops (WS) experience will be gained together and exchanged.

Both formats – MC and WS – explore specific structural types, the interlinking of material systems, as well as fabrication methods. The means are hands-on knowledge and tool-sharing. The approach can be based on software or hardware, creating digital and | or physical design studies and | or prototypes.

The results will be presented as part of a warm-up event on Sunday evening prior to the conference. We anticipate the Workshops will include 10 to 20 participants from industry, research as well as architectural and engineering study programs. Master Classes should include 8 to 15 participants from academia and industry.

Find all further information about contents, specific requirements and conditions of Workshops and Master Classes in our information booklet.

The fee for each Workshop and Master Class amounts 595 €. For students we offer a special rate of 385 €.
It includes material costs, two coffee breaks and lunch during each event-day, but not the participation at the following IASS symposium (symposium participation is not compulsory).

All Workshops and Master Classes contain the use of specific software. Please bring your own electronic devices, i.e. laptops. To each Workshop and Master Class are the required software proposals mentioned associated with its description. You don‘t need more than the trial version of the software, otherwise licences will be distributed by the lecturers. Prior to the Workshop or Master Class, the software has to be installed on your laptop. For offered events with a fabication component, all required tools and materials will be distributed by the lecturers and tutors.

The registration for Workshops and Master Classes has to be done until July 25th, 2017! If the required number of participants is not reached by then, the Workshop | Master Class won‘t take place. You will get a notification by at least July 31st, 2017.

The minimum number of participants for Master Classes is 8 persons and for Workshops is 12 persons.

To book your participation choose either full fee (Workshop|Master Class) or student (Workshop|Master Class) during the registration procedure under person groups.


Workshops (September 20th - 24th, 2017)

Parametric Design, Optimisationand Testing of lattice structures using densified engineered bamboo INFO
Hector F. Archila, Jed Long, Dragos Naicu

Digital Fabrication of Timber-Composite Shell Structures INFO
Joe Gattas, Yousef Alqaryouti   (different duration: September 20th - 22nd, 2017)

Rotational Erection System (RES): Origami extended with cuts, Digital fabrication experience INFO
Yoshinobu Miyamoto 

Optimization of Statically Informed Grid-Shell Patterns INFO
Clemens Preisinger, Moritz Heimrath

Master Classes (September 22nd - 24th, 2017)

Computational Structural Design based on Force Patterns INFO
Patrick Ole Ohlbrock, Pierluigi D’Acunto, Vincenzo Reale, Giancarlo Torpiano

Parametric Modeling and Optimisation of Complex Structural Systems INFO
Robert K. Otani, Daniel Segraves

Aggregated Structures: Approximating Topology Optimized Material Distribution with Discrete Building Blocks INFO
Andrea Rossi, Philipp Eisenbach

Exploring Software approaches in simulating bending-active systems INFO
co-organised as Training School by COST Action TU1303 'Novel Structural Skins'
Trainers: Riccardo La Magna, Philipp Längst, Daniel Piker
with special support of Julian Lienhard, Gregory Quinn and Anna Bauer

Interfacing Architecture, Engineering and Mathematical Optimization INFO
Judyta Cichocka, Thomas Wortmann